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Barak Jacuzzi at it again in ‘Lifestyle’

September 25, 2019 at 19:23
Barak Jacuzzi at it again in 'Lifestyle'

Lifestyle pt.II is the second single off Barak Jacuzzi’s upcoming “After Party Music” EP. The tennis instructor has received great support from Tanasha Donna who has been marketing the song on her Instagram account.

The Kenyan-American rapper whose aim is to raise Kenyan music high was recently faced with relationship dramas. Lifestyle song comes in a week after.  Barak is a talented rapper and his style is surely different from most locals.

Barak Jacuzzi at it again in 'Lifestyle'

Meaning and relevance of ‘Lifestyle’

Lifestyle is a good song. Deeper into the lyrics you’ll notice the talent Barak posses. To start with, the introduction stanza is dope. It goes like; Sippin on this Puffin on that Me and my niggas dont know how to act Me and my women do not get attatched I be taking them shots in the back of the back of the Whoooo! In the back of the back Bad bitch in my lap and shorty she bussin it like its a Whooooo.

This Lifestyle sounds gibberish. It is a bit difficult for Kenyan audience to understand. Barak should just use simple English. Most people will always go for what is easy. Barak is using more of the American rap style.

Barak Jacuzzi at it again in 'Lifestyle'

In addition, the second stanza is not different but easy to understand. I put the city on my back Then put the city on the map We came up from the trap They just want a nigga trapped Now that they pay me to rap Ima spend it, get it back See my on tv but I never act Whooo. Sounds like he is addressing some producers out here

To add on, the song was produced by Factory DJs. The sound is awesome and the beats are also cool. Lastly, the video is well done and this raises the points for this jam Lifestyle. Barak thus gets a ratig of 5/10.

Video below.




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