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 BASATA warns singer Diamond: Don’t try and perform in Kenya unless you want more trouble 

December 20, 2018 at 10:26
 BASATA warns singer Diamond: Don't try and perform in Kenya unless you want more trouble 

Things are not looking good for Diamond Platnumz, his team and their scheduled performances set to take place in several counties in Kenya.

Despite Diamond’s manager recently promising that the shows set to happen in Embu, Nairobi and Mombasa will take place, Basata acting chief executive officer Onesmo Kayanda has warned the singer not to try and perform.

The Law

The body has banned the singer from performing in and outside Tanzania after he performed “Mwanza” which was initially banned by the body. The body has also canceled the Wasafi Festival. Diamond is scheduled to have three shows in Kenya; that’s in Embu on December 24, Wasafi Festival in Mombasa 26th and on New Year’s Eve in Nairobi.

“Sisi Basata we are the substitute of the government. Kama akiamua hivyo (perform in Kenya), hii kanuni ya Basata huwa inakuwa ni substitute ya sheria za nchi na akiikaidi lile suala linakuwa la kijinai. Likishakuwa la kijinai linakwendwa kwa Mwanasheria Mkuu wa serikali sisi tunawakabidhi mahakamani. Kwa hiyo mtu akikuika kanuni zetu za Basata, amevuka na kwenda kwenye ishu ya kijinai,” said Onesmo Kayanda.

Diamond’s manager Babu Tale, shared in an interview that they are working on getting the ban lifted and hope that Diamond will hit the stage soon.






  1. Diamond should start planning to migrate to Kenya. For the time being, read about this lady who like msolokombo so much

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