“Be careful of what you tolerate,” Amina Khaleef finally done with her on and off husband, Alikiba?

Image: Kiba with his wife, Amina

Amina Khaleef is one of the prettiest women we have since come across on social media; but for some reason her husband, Alikiba can’t seem to recognize what he has.

Just a few weeks ago the Bongo singer was exposed for not only cheating on his wife; but all the women he had previously dated like Jokate Mwegelo.

This is after Diva the boss publicly announced her relationship with Kiba; saying they dated for close to a decade. According to Diva who exposed Kiba, she finally got tired of being kept on the low downtown and decided to out the relationship.

Couple, Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef

Alikiba marriage on the line

After Diva’s move, Alikiba’s wife Amina Khaleef went on to share a post suggesting that her marriage was now dead.

After this, the lass has been maintaining a low profile until recently when she once again indirectly shared a post talking about her marriage. On one post, Amina talked about the importance of sacrifice and self control. As much as she did not name any names, fan feel that this post was definitely directed to her man. Amina wrote;

Building a life is something that requires a lot of effort….a lot of self-control….


Amina Khalef

In another post, mama Keeyan shared a book she has been reading and from her caption; It appears that she is learning how to let go of anything that doesn’t add value to her life.

Amina went on to caption the post;

Be careful what you tolerate. They are two sided!

Amina Khaleef

From the above post we can now confirm that despite everything we have been hearing about Kiba’s marriage; his wife has been standing with him but things are starting to change slowly!

The sad part is that Kiba’s fan base seems to have been affected by Diva the bosses exposè  that painted Alikiba in the worst possible way.

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