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Ben Pol´s humble beginnings that won Anerlisa´s heart

May 27, 2020 at 16:35
Ben Pol´s humble beginnings that won Anerlisa´s heart

Anerlisa Muigai found love in Tanzanian artist, Ben Pol but not much has been known about him apart from the fact that he sings.

Masses have struggled to understand what really triggered Anerlisa´s love spark for an RnB artiste from Tanzania, having come from a well-to-do family.

Anerlisa´s mother-in-law – Ben Pol´s mother – might have explained why, revealing that growing up, the singer has been known as a respectful, disciplined and humble child.

Popular Bongo Flava artiste, Ben Pol

The singer´s mom admitted he was talented right since his childhood but lack of money saw Ben Pol´s talent in music go to waste.

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But in as much as poverty hindered the Tanzanian musician from growing his talent, he never gave up and his hard-work over the years proved it all.

He now stands as a popular R&B artiste in Bongo land, celebrated for hits like Moyo Mashine and Muziki.

Tanzanian singer, Ben Pol

And for that, his mom is proud.

He loved sports and music while growing up.I saw my child had talent from way back but I didn´t have money to get him into the studio. I am proud because I get everything I need now. He is a provider.

Despite his talent in the art industry, the singer took education seriously and never triggered any disciplinary action towards him.

He was just a normal child but education came first. Growing up, I didn´t see anything too abnormal that I had to angrily beat him.

Bongo Flava artiste, Ben Pol

Adding that her son respected friendship and everyone around him, but always observed vigilance in the kind of friends he kept.

Ben always keeps the good friendship. I´ve never seen him taking cigarettes or doing anything unlawful. He is respectful to both old and young. He was like that since he was a child.

Speaking of what the popular artist enjoyed regards his meals, turns out Ben Pol loved his beans.

He never liked Ugali but he loved beans.


It sure seems Anerlisa bagged herself a man worth the effort and status.

Lovebirds, Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai

The two sealed their relationship after Ben Pol went down on one knee for his Kenyan Queen in April 2019, proudly declaring himself as the rightful owner of the empress´ heart.

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And to confirm their engagement, Anerlisa´s younger sister, Tecra´s obituary read that the deceased was a sister-in-law to Ben Pol.

Tecra Muigai´s obituary




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