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Benachi dedicates a song to his wife ‘Mama Olivia’

August 24, 2019 at 16:24
Benachi - Mama Olivia - dedication to my wife

Benachi on Mama Olivia is dedication to my wife. Love is a beautiful thing, a creation we can’t tell it’s magic. I can sit  and analyze about it my whole time, but he who has it has it all. Above it all, love that’s based on prayers and thanks giving.

Benachi’s new jam,  praises the wife for being a special person to him. The artist has sang a special dedication to his wife ‘Mama Olivia’, for giving him a beautiful daughter. He thus sings how the  wife is a super woman to him and a number one love.

About ‘Mama Olivia’ by Benachi

The Kenyan artist congratulates the wife, for fighting hard and thus  giving him a family. This is as a result of the new born, whom they’ve named Olivia. The newly born is said to be she such a super girl.

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Benachi - Mama Olivia - dedication to my wife

He goes ahead the chorus of the song, to further praise the wife ‘mama Olivia.’ Benachi praises his wife,‘for giving him a daughter after nine months of real struggles. They therefore thank God, for it was thus a success delivering baby girl  Olivia.

He praises the wife for being a good wife. Benachi also sings that  he’s certain that she’ll take care of their daughter well. This is because of her goodness, her kindness and her genuine love. He also praises her for her slow but sure pace.   Thus sings that he prays to God to keep them well and safe financially, in that they’ll never lack to provide for their child and never lack their needs as well.


Indeed children are a blessing from God and thus God timing is the best. The video of the song was well done in relation to the delivery struggles. It also featured some good support for good hospital services, Benachi could offer his wife for the best delivery.

In conclusion the song is a perfect picture of love and appreciation. Love and the sacrifices it entails should not be taken for granted. Thumbs up to  Benachi for bringing a true picture of family love.






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