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Betty Bayo reveals why she still can’t watch Mohammed Ali’s exposé on her ex husband Victor Kanyari’s scandal

March 12, 2018 at 09:14
Betty Bayo reveals why she still can't watch Mohammed Ali's exposé on her ex husband Victor Kanyari's scandal

Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu’s exposé revealed how Kanyari was savage in milking the public dry. The preacher’s ex wife Betty Bayo however hasn’t watched the investigative to date.

Ali’s 2014 exposé basically illustrates how Kanyari performed fake miracles and made faithful send him money. Betty Bayo left her husband shortly after the investigative was dropped.

The gospel singer opened up about her ex husband in an interview with SDE. Bayo reveals that she has never watched the investigative and that she wasn’t shocked by what her husband was doing.

“There was a power blackout in my home on that day. And I did not watch it. Still haven’t. I deserve to save my data bundles for things that entertain me. And this is in the least bit not entertaining. Why would I watch it? I already know what was on it because everyone told me about it. And it is a sad story,” said Betty Bayo.

Pastor Kanyari


Bayo also reveals that she is co-parenting with Kanyari even though they haven’t met for the last two years. She however asserts that her ex husband has a good relationship with their two children.

“I haven’t seen him for the last two years. But our children, aged two and five, have a good relationship with him. We have an arrangement that works for us. While I have my personal feelings about him and what our relationship was like, his children don’t have to know or be affected by that,” says Betty.







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