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Betty Bayo’s lonely life making her bitter after breakup with Pastor Kanyari?

August 21, 2020 at 21:37
Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo has lately been preaching about courtship and relationships through her gram. From most of her posts, Bayo seems to have hit that panic stage especially since she has 2 children; and no longer plans to settle for Kanyari like before.

Well, if you doubted loneliness can make someone loud and bitter; then wait till you read the warning post Betty Bayo issued to men sliding in her DM. According to Betty Bayo, she no longer keeps secret anymore especially since her last relationship failed badly!

The gospel singer went on to talk about her ‘petty’ behavior; adding that the next man in her life will have to date both her and fans. Through her Instagram page, Ms Bayo wrote;

Bayo with former husband, Pastor Kanyari

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To any man in boxing me please note that I don’t keep secret nowadaiz I am petty the last time I kept a secret it dint work.., if your dating me be ready to date me together with my fans, my fans are my spies, you’re not dating me alone your dating a movement, and if your divorced ukuje umeuma divorce papers na mdomo.

Divorce is not a sin

And to those shaming her for the divorce, Betty reminded them that God hates a lot of things and not just divorce. To justify why divorce is the only reasonable reason why most couples  settle for after a failed union, the lady went on to say;

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na kwa wale watu wa God hates divorce please tag a lot other thing God hates, who loves Divorce anyway, the secret of many people who are divorced that they don’t tell is that they reached a point in life where they only had two option. Divorce paper or eulogy…

Well, not all stories end up the way Betty painted it on her post; mostly because everyone is different and life is not so predictable. Anyway to conclude her post, Betty wrote;

ata kama ni wewe ungechangua ngani?.. I pray to every happy married fans in this page they will never reached the point of divorce #englishcocktail #God speed #thispage is not for the weak #follow me at your own risk #exposing inbox chat and audios,”




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