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Betty Kyallo finally swallows the truth we already knew: her past relationships haunt her

September 04, 2020 at 15:40
Betty Kyallo has shown Kenyans a different side of herself and they love it

Betty Kyallo was recently sharing some T.M.I (too much information) about herself on a video she shared on her YouTube account and what she said had me scratching my head as to whether she was trolling or was truly that ignorant: She only just realized her past relationships haunt her.

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Ms Kyallo is known for two things, being a media personality and her shortlived, often tumultuous relationships that reportedly ended due to her actions. She has been on a tangent this past year constantly talking off of the fact that she wants someone to wife her up and make an honest woman of her. However, most people online realize that she is always going to be dogged by her relationship past.

betty kyallo

Renowned journalist, Betty Kyallo

The truth of the matter is that marriage is probably one of the most important decisions a man will ever undertake because it can either result in him having the peace of mind and support he needs to focus on conquering the world or deny him even sleep and possibly end up with him losing up to half his property.

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So when any man thinks of dating and marrying Betty Kyallo, he must take into account her past and try to see whether she has a history of collaborating with a man to build a future and the truth is, her past is pretty barren of such evidence.

betty kyallo

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We should probably start at Denis Okari’s doorstep. Here, we see that Denis Okari was forced to have an opulent wedding that he clearly couldn’t have afforded whether on his own or as a couple but also, the marriage that followed it was short-lived. Add to this the fact that betty Kyallo went ahead to air him out in public for absolutely no reason as he was and has continued to remain mum on the matter.
And after all of this, we were also treated to betty Kyallo’s sister disrespecting him further as she took to social media to lambast the father of her niece while she was in the ICU.

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Trust me when I say, the situation above is so toxic, it has more red flags than a Chinese communist parade. Not even the Mad Hatter would look longingly at getting himself tethered to such a circus.

betty kyallo

TV personality, Betty Kyallo

Then there was the rumoured dalliance with a certain Governor who is very active on social media. That alone lets in the spectre of doubt and it looms over any relationship a man could hope for with Betty Kyallo because whether real or not, those rumours point at a love for lavish living. And while there is nothing wrong with liking the nicer things in life, there is a problem when rumours suggest the possibility of monkey branching to the next governor with a passing fancy.

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And whether or not Betty Kyallo is a nice human being isn’t the matter of the day, who knows, she might be and I personally think she is a nice human being but as far as relationships go, her past relationships are enough to give any man pause for thought.


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