Betty Kyalo’s birthday party was simple and very mature, just take a look (photos)

March 16, 2018 at 10:41
Betty Kyalo's birthday party was simple and very mature, just take a look (photos)

As she nears 3rd floor, news anchor Betty Kyalo is getting finer, just like wine.

During her 29th birthday, things were a little bit toned down and mature, unlike some of the celebrations we have seen during her birthday parties before.

Birthday mood all day

Also, it seems like only familiar faces of not more than 10 friends surrounded her as she celebrated getting to her last step at second floor. The dreaded 30 is now on the way.  The presenter was in a birthday mood all day especially after KTN surprised with a cake and some gifts.


“Still having a fantastic day… showered with so much love today, I’m truly blessed. ❤” said Kyalo on Instagram in one post.

She added on another:

“I enjoyed the day and the night. ?Thank you so so much to everybody who took time to say happy birthday. Thank you for the many gifts that could not fit in my car? Thank you for the kisses and hugs and the all the Love! I’m blessed. ?”

Here are some of the photos from her party:







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