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Bey T to the universe releases a new banger “Wololo”

May 20, 2019 at 13:47
Bey T to the universe releases a new banger "Wololo"

Bey T to the universe “Wololo”. The young Kenyan rapper  is back with new jam just a few days after she engaged female socialite Tanasha Donna in a nasty beef.  She was the sole director of this song. The young rapper is doing so well and wololo shows that she ain’t leaving the music industry anytime soon.

Wololo singer: Bey T

Production of Wololo

The song is produced  by Brian Bett and directed by Bey T.  First, the video was shot in Kenyan depicting the good scenery in Nairobi. The video was well done and it is of standards. Also the quality of the audio is good. Brian Bett has given the audio a good touch. Bey T on her side has done a good thing, though she should have let someone else direct the song. This is because it opens up to a variety of ideas. In addition she has given the video a cinematic feel.

Lyrical Presentation

“Baby what’s the time? (Baby what’s the time?) Are we dancing through the night? (Are we dancing through the night?) When he get me in his sight? (When he get me in his sight?) Oh his eyes dey shine so bright (Eyes dey shine so bright).” Bey T has her words well crafted. In this first verse she is asking her lover questions on how they will spend their night.

Further into the chorus, “Wey I do like this Is a wololo, Wey I swing my hips Is a wololo, Baby make we miss Is a wololo We sing my hit Is a wololo.” The word wololo here is used more often to show the songs title. It simply means that the way she does makes people go nats.

The jam is a good one though I feel like she should have given it more energy. Giving it a rating of 5/10.



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