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Bien Aime hints giving girlfriend Chiki Kuruka awesome lungula during her 30th birthday 

September 03, 2018 at 08:35
Bien Aime hints giving girlfriend Chiki Kuruka awesome lungula during her 30th birthday 

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime and his long term girlfriend Chiki Kuruka recently left many giggle online and he posted a rather steamy birthday message for her.

Bien took to social media to share the message which had hints that he’s going to give him an awesome sex session now that she had turned a year older.

“Happy Birthday to mine. My lover & my friend. No ordinary woman. No ordinary love. Fearless, compassionate, intelligent and graceful. I prayed for this love. I give thanks for this love. I don’t deserve this love. As I transition to manhood hope I learn to love you as well as you have loved me. Also just a quick reminder that we’re now agemates.( But thats a non-issue) Birthday s*# on me today ✌?.” he said. 

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Chiki Kuruka


Chiki is the first born in a family of three (all girls) to ‘point-five’ parents. Both her mum (a lawyer based in the U.K.) and dad (renowned journalist based in Switzerland) have half Nigerian-half Swiss decent. She has now clocked 30 years.


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  1. Did he have to tell us though?

  2. Enyewe hawa maceleb wanakuanga na mambo!

  3. Happy 30

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