Bien Aime: My parents have been pressuring me so much to marry

July 05, 2019 at 09:24
Bien Aime: My parents have been pressuring me so much to marry

Sauti Sol´s lead vocalist, Bien reveals how he has been compelled to marry due to pressure from his parents.

Bien Aime Baraza early in the year proposed to his Nigerian long-term fianceé, Chiki Kuruka in an cozy cinema date.

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The two are set to have their nuptials later in the year.

The singer-songwriter is among the many who have dated their girlfriends for pretty long without exchanging vows.

And soon after he went down on one knee, the world was convinced that their relationship would actually be promising.

Unfortunately Bien reveals that pressure from his parents is what might have pushed him into the entire marriage business.

My parents have been pressuring me so much to marry.

Additionally pointing out that he plans to see Chiki walk down the isle but no concrete plans have been set yet because he leaves that to her.


The root of it all is his parents who have been supportive all through his music career as well as his relationship to Chiki.

We are 10 of us in our family and everyone has chosen a different path.

My siblings are in different professions and everyone is enjoying what they are doing.

Further revealing that music saw him through school, paying up his fees and that was a motivation to his parents.

Just 3 weeks ago, the ¨Sauti Sol¨ band musician lightly articulated that unfortunately, his dad has no choice but support his music because that´s his career.

My dad has finally reconciled with the fact that I’ll never get a real job. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

With a myriad of personalities agreeing to that and fact that his dad´s face clearly says it all.




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