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Big pin and Mayonde team up for new Jam “Juu”

April 26, 2019 at 14:50
Big Pin and Mayonde in 'Juu' song video

Remember when the big or rather veteran artists in the Kenyan Music industry promised to join upcoming artist in doing music?

Well,seems it is working however, receivership for this music is a little bit wanting. The legendary artist Big Pin was a house hold name  towards the end  of the 90s  and early 2000.

He was known for big tunes like ‘Bamba’ featuring the late Esir and K-rupt ” Talk 2 you” that he featured in with Amani and Patonee, ‘Nairobi Party among others.

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“Juu” is his latest jam featuring Mayonde. The song is the second of his new album ‘Jatelo Chronicles’.

For a music legend its sad that 3 days after the songs release the song has  gotten 3.2k views. That should tell you the kind of impact they now have in the industry.


As he teams up with Songstress Mayonde, you’d definitely appreciate the soul and vocals she puts in the song.

Basically, the ballad is about two lovers expressing their love and intentions to each other.They are putting each other “Juu”-loosely translating to up-more like a priority.

It scores in the expression and dance.There isn’t much detail on the lyrical break down as it translates to one basic statement ‘Nmekuweka juu Baby‘.

I believe in his stature of legendary music , Big Pin should have been more involved in the writing of this song.

Hatujakataa , he has done a good job on this one but can do better. Am sure you think so too.

For Mayonde -Clap clap- wish I had a clap emoji though! Smh!

She has her A game in this song.Her verses are well brought out and the grove too is on another level.


The song was produced by super producer  Jegede and video done by Nezzomonts.

For rating purposes I give it 5/10.What do you think?

Below is the video enjoy.



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