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Billnass clarifies on his relationship with bongo songbird, Nandy

September 06, 2019 at 14:21
Billnass clarifies on his relationship with bongo songbird, Nandy

Tanzanian hip-hop artist, Billnass and bongo sultry songbird, Nandy, have time and again been quizzed about the relationship.

The two were an item for a couple of years before their split in 2017. A relationship that the public was not aware about until days into their breakup.

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‘Bugana’ hitmakers, Billnass and Nandy

However, in a recent interview, the bongo artist opened up on dating Nandy soon after their new romantic music release dubbed ‘Bugana’.

Exclusively speaking to ‘Over Ze Weekend,’ Billnass clarified that the two are not back to together, rather good friends in a professional relationship.

Unajua Nandy ni mshkaji wangu sana, nashindwa hata nikuambie nini, kwa sababu tangu tumeachana tumekuwa marafiki wazuri na yote ni kwa sababu ya kazi tu hakuna kingine, hivyo mara nyingi tumekuwa tukisapotiana.

Billnass and Nandy


Missed performance

Meanwhile, up and close with Tanzania’s clouds FM, it comes out that Nandy actually failed to show up to their scheduled performance, which might mean the two are also not in communication.

However, Billnass stated that he understands because Nandy is a busy lady who is currently occupied with her Nandy Festival 2019 performances.

Apparently, Nandy and Hamisa are allegedly not in talking terms but Billnass believes that is not his area to intervene because the two ladies iron out their differences.

Bongo singers, Nandy (left) and Hamisa Mobetto (right)

Speculation is that Nandy missed the perfomance because she did not like the romantic scenes in the video aired but Billnass has no defense to that.






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