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‘Bitter’ NTV reporter slams journalists who moved to Citizen TV

June 06, 2018 at 18:21
'Bitter' NTV reporter slams journalists who moved to Citizen TV

Almost a dozen journalists left Nation Media group for Royal media services, something that has left some angry.

Ken Mijungu is one of those angry guys and was recently on social media to slam guys who left NTV.

Nothing new

I thought it was an earthquake yaani not even a tremor, as ntvkenya is showing the World Cupcitizentvkenya couldn’t afford a game to counter just some aped shows with recycled faces with a whole thinktank having shifted base tucheze,” the reporter-cum-news anchor tweeted.

Some journalists who have left the station include Editor Linus Kaikai and Larry Madowo.





  1. Eeeh mauchungu nayo…

  2. ochieng fred : June 7, 2018 at 7:42 am

    I fully support Ken’s sentiments. they will regret their decision later.

  3. Ntv my best channel ever! Home of comprehensive news. Not sensational news. Keep up the good job Ken!

  4. Kwani wewe umekorogewa hapo si hata wewe pia songa badala ya domo domo

  5. Hahaha maybe ma mause ndani ya NTV woiiii

  6. okey..Everyone enjoys his/her save side……stay or leav NTV REMAINS TOOOOOP!!!!!!

  7. Roho hukula itakacho sooo,,,,MTU akishift from one station to another….in kwa raha zake

  8. What does this exodus say about the leadership of their former Boss?

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