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Blame Game? Former Kansoul Member Kid Kora Claims Mejja And Madtraxx Conned Him

February 22, 2021 at 14:53
Blame Game? Former Kansoul Member Kid Kora Claims Mejja And Madtraxx Conned Him

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We’ve not heard from former Kansoul member Kid Kora for quite a long time. After parting ways with Kansoul, Kora has since been silent. However, it seems like the three have not made peace with each other just yet. Kid Kora has taken to social media to make an oblique statement which, when read through the lines, is directly aimed at Mejja and Madtraxx.

He claims that they had a show together which they were supposed to equally split the earnings but it didn’t happen. On his page, he wrote,

The Kansoul

”I had to loose everything i thought I wanted
To gain the one thing that I really needed.
Fucking around with the wrong bitch
Took me six years to figure out
How to kill a witch.
two niggas who still owe me money.
Still Calling my phone and acting buddy buddy.
Sija sahao how you motherfuckers did me dirty
Pesa za show zilifa kuwa 50 50. ….”

As a group, Kansoul had achieved a lot! They were nominated for MAMA’s 2016 listeners’ choice award. However, they unfortunately lost to South Africa’s Jay Prazah. It’s also important to note that they all had successful music careers before they merged. Speaking of split ups, a few weeks ago, gengetone group Ochungulo also parted ways, deleting or hiding all their songs from YouTube to pursue Solo careers.

Change is inevitable, and if artists decide to split, it should be for a better purpose and mutual agreement.

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