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Blind gospel singer Reuben Kigame advises Bahati/Willy Paul generation of singers

January 19, 2018 at 10:21
Blind gospel singer Reuben Kigame advises Bahati/Willy Paul generation of singers

Most contemporary songs lose relevance in one or two years, some even months. Reuben Kigame shares a trick on how to compose songs that defy time.

The likes of Angela Chibalonza and E-Sir died many years ago but even people who were born after their deaths still enjoy their songs.

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Veteran singer Reuben Kigame is a musician whose songs are not time-bound. The blind gospel singer shared his trick in a long post on social media.

Reuben Kigame

Stay focused on the Word as you write


By Reuben Kigame

While being interviewed on a television station in Burundi late last year, I was asked a strange question: “Why is it that your songs never seem to die? We have been singing them for many years and they sound as fresh as they were many years ago.” I call it a strange question because I had never thought of my songs that way. However, something came to my mind at that time and I shared it in answer to the question. Now I look at it as a secret that is kept from many Christian songwriters, but would like to say that it should actually not be a hidden secret anymore.

So what songs last the longest? Why is it we keep singing hymns that were written several centuries ago and they remain fresh to our hearts and minds? The answer, I think, is found in Matthew 24:35 and Luke 21:33. There, the Bible says that heaven and earth will pass away but that the Word of God will never pass away.

If you compose a love song about a girlfriend or boyfriend and then he/she dies or leaves you, I doubt that you would keep singing such a song. You will not want it because it might remind you of something you would not want to remember. If you wrote and sang a song like “Tawala Kenya” which was sang in praise of President Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya, when he leaves office, the song would become irrelevant. People come and go, good and bad. Songs like “I’m not sober” make sense when you are not sober. “My land is Kenya” is only relevant to Kenyans. The world and all in it passes away. Only the Word of God remains forever.

If you write a song about the word of God, cite it, refer to it, apply it, etc, I promise you, your song will be bigger than you. It will be as big as God’s Word and it will be hard to pass away. What is even more important would be if the writer of the song highly respects and esteems this Word of God and lives by it. It will not be mere lip service to it. It will do what God says His Word does, i.e. never returns to Him without accomplishing the purpose for which it was sent out.

To you, dear songwriters. Please tell me what you think about this. To ministers of the Gospel, pray for us that we will stay focused on the Word as we write our songs, whether patriotic, romantic, evangelistic or edifying. Instead of complaining that the songs of this generation are empty, please, men of God, teach the Word faithfully and it will come through the music compositions and change lives as God honours His own Word.





  1. I’ve listened to Kigame since the days of Kbc Sing and Shine, Joy Bringers and i tell you his music is evergreen. Kudos Papa Kigame.

  2. This is the truth,there is no other way to put it

  3. Our young guys need guidance and our preachers need to wake up now

  4. God bless you sir,this is how to put it into perspective

  5. Today’s Gospel music is perishable,shelf life one month max

  6. Our generation is purely doing music without purpose

  7. God bless Kigame i love his music.

  8. Reuben Kigame.. you are finally the first I have heard speak this out loud. I myself am a young girl in my late teens and I am saddened by the Christian music in Kenya. This is why we end up going to international artists instead. I love singing songs that speak the Word because God ministers to Me as I praise Him.. I and a group of hidden and unknown talented youth will be the change and show them the way by the grace of God and with the power of the Holy Spirit. God bless and please pray for the youth in the body of Christ.

    • Eunice Mwikali : January 19, 2018 at 9:57 pm

      Very true Edel they lack God’s word in their Spirit.That’s why their music doesn’t inspire apart from very few.

  9. Well said I love your songs Mr kigame I can listen to them anytime anywhere

  10. Exactly..many so called gospel artists do not sing to encourage or give hope to the lost or the people who are already in Christ.Sometimes I hear gospel singers and all they sing about is possessions,wealth,money,how the Lord will bless you with a big house and a car.Read the word first and see what God wants you to sing about,and find out what pleases him.Remember all these earthly things that we struggle everyday to get, will pass away some day.I long to see a musician who will use the talent they have for His glory and forsake all that is offered by the world and shine like the stars in the sky in a world of corrupt and sinful people.A musician who really really knows God will please Him in everything he does.

  11. Spot on sir.

  12. sheldon shikhile : January 20, 2018 at 11:45 am

    God bless you sir.You are an inspiration to me keep on doing the great job coz most of the contemporary ‘gospel artists do not have spiritual mentors and fathers may God help us!!

  13. Mungu akubariki

  14. first time to hear this man with his naked truth…JAH BLESS

  15. Well said.

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