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“They have bombed my house and probably want to kill me” Miguna Miguna sends Robert Alai alarming message

February 02, 2018 at 08:19
"They have bombed my house and probably want to kill me" Miguna Miguna sends Robert Alai alarming message

Blogger Robert Alai has shared a message he claims came from Miguna Miguna earlier this morning. According to the text, Miguna Miguna reveals that his Runda home has been attacked by an assissination squad.

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He goes on to reveal that they have bombed their way into his house and broke things as they search for him. The controversial lawyer goes on to give directions to his home hoping that the Youths will come to his rescue.

Larry Madowo, Linus Kaikai and Ken Mijungu wanted

Miguna Miguna’s cry comes a few hours after NTV’s journalists were forced to camp inside Nation Centre as they feared being arrested.


The 3 are accused of airing an illegal ceremony even after the government warned them. Linus Kaikai is also wanted for a statement he released for accusing the government for trying to control the media.





  1. why the youth and not police???

  2. Photos from Miguna Miguna's house after it was attacked earlier this morning - Ghafla!Kenya : February 2, 2018 at 10:15 am

    […] on social media media showing how Miguna Miguna’s house looks after it was bombed. According to a text sent to Blogger Robert Alai; Miguna Miguna revealed that his home in Runda had been attacked by a special unit to arrest […]


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