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Boss baby! Njugush’s hilarious son Tugi makes major career move

August 18, 2020 at 13:01
Boss baby! Njugush's hilarious son Tugi makes major career move

Njugush and Celestine Ndinda’s son, Tugi has finally unveiled his own YouTube channel.

Tugi Kimani is a young man, very promising in the art of comedy, pretty intelligent for his young age but one who has proven to excel in the art better that any of his parents can.

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Just have a skit that Tugi is part of, whether he is by himself or in the company of his parents, he will nail it! Be it English or in Swahili or in both his vernacular tongues, Tugi is a sure bet!

There is just something about him, probably because he is a young, innocent and well exposed mind who is not afraid to say it as it is and this sets him apart.

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His untamed prowess in the craft saw netizens push his parents to get him a platform of his own, just Tugi and all about him.

Tugi Kimani with his mom, Celestine Ndinda

Pressure that his parents have surrendered to, and today, Tugi is a proud owner of his own YouTube channel.

Dubbed Blessed Tugihis online platform with 3 videos so far has already amassed well over 19k subscribers.

Blessed Tugi launches own vlog

If you love a good sense of humor, just do his channel some justice…subscribe.

Meanwhile, enjoy this:




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