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Boutross brings Sho Madjozi on board for ‘Juiceman Remix’ alongside Jovie Jovv and Kay Green (Video)

January 17, 2020 at 13:04
Boutross brings Sho Madjozi on board for 'Juiceman Remix' alongside Jovie Jovv and Kay Green (Video)

Buzzing Kenyan shrappers Boutross Munene, Kay Green (who are both members of the Alliance Domini Family) and Jovie Jovv have featured South Africa’s Sho Madjozi on the remix of their Juiceman mega hit and it’s really dope.

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The joint has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few hours ago and to be honest, we can n0t get enough of it either and understandably so.

Boutross Munene

Boutross Munene

As you listen to Juiceman Remix, you get to appreciate the evolution of Kenyan Hip Hip but also the sheer creativity of these youngins. They have a unique ability to play around with words and make it look like child’s play.

Jovie Jovv did a good job on the first verse of this track. He has a good flow and you will find yourself trying to make sense of what he is rapping about.

I’m a huge fan of Boutross and as you would expect, he also aced it. Other than his dope rhymes, the other thing that I love about this guy are his adlibs.

Jovie Jovv

Jovie Jovv

Kay Green also came through. However, I have to admit that the first time I listened to his verse, I kind of felt like he had some basic rhymes but I loved it eventually.

Sho Madjozi did not disappoint either. This lass has a natural flow and I am pretty sure that it took her less than five minutes to pen down her verse.

The beat remained pretty much the same and I love how it’s a bit subtle. The video concept was also on point and as you watch it, it gives off and authentic Hip Hip vibe. We have to give it to Mike Lolly P.

Watch Juiceman Remix below and tell us what you think.




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