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Boutross has dropped a new jam ‘Friend Zone’ and it’s too lit (Audio)

September 16, 2019 at 17:56
Boutross has dropped a new jam 'Friend Zone' and it's too lit (Audio)

Kenyan rapper Boutross Munene, who is famed for his Wrong hit, has dropped a new joint and we are really feeling it. No kidding.

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The jam dubbed Friend Zone is all about how ladies keep you as their friends and do all manner of things around you but expect you not to catch feelings (I’m sure most if not all guys can relate to this).

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As expected, Boutross came through with some dope bars and witty rhymes on this jam. He has proven to us that he is indeed the shrap lord.



The verse that really stood out for me in this jam is the part where he says, “Aay big mummy, big daddy always ready to go deep diving, I love mamas, all mamas trying to show me that big belly in the small yanas, trying to make…”

If this is not greatness, then I really don’t know what is ladies and gentlemen. I really don’t.

In as much as the song is exceptional, at some point I felt like Boutross’ vocals were lazy or should I say it’s not what we are used to.

The beat which was produced by the one and only Le Mario was also dope. It really gives you the feeling that you’re listening to a Shrap song. Props to him.

Listen to Friend Zone below and tell us what you think.




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