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“Brayo siungepiga viatu pasi” Kenyans on social media troll Risper Faith and her husband after sharing this photo

October 24, 2017 at 15:22
Risper Faith with her fiance

If there is something about Kenyans many fear is how they can savagely embarrass a person on social media without a care in the world.

So far we have watched KOT go ham on various countries and sometimes chose to troll one of their own (celebrities) – for fun and giggles!

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The latest victim happens to be Risper Faith and her husband Brian who have faced the wrath of social media users who decided to troll one of their traditional wedding photos shared by the couple to show off the #Wanjigichallenge.

Risper weds Brian

Risper weds Brian

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Looking at the comments seems that most fans were wondering why Risper Faith spent about 100k to get liposuction done on her body yet her body seems to have grown bigger.

Some went as far as saying that she sells waist trainers which seem not to be working for her judging from the size of her tummy. Anyway…not quite sure whether she indeed got the liposuction done but judging from the #Wanjigichallenge photo it is clear to see that the lady has added weight or her outfit was made in the wrong size.

Brian on the other hand did not walk away free from the troll as most critics could not help but notice his shoes – which look odd. Below are a few comments left by their fans.





  1. Those hips are not real

  2. Why are Kenyans so savage?

  3. Life is faking it it till u make it

  4. Brian saw this assets and fell in love?

  5. I hv never laughed harder than this

  6. Aki wakenya you cant just be happy for people jamani

  7. Relax guys, some of these pics should not be shared with the public. I have been preoccupied with Kenya politics but now have taken a break and this why I can read this story. I also want to make some money and a friend just recommended this site Anyone with experience with this site?

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