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“My breakup with Diamond Platnumz is real” Zari Hassan

February 19, 2018 at 10:07
"My breakup with Diamond Platnumz is real" Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan is single! Well, at least that’s what she is saying. This weekend the mother of 5 went on an Instagram live chat where she opened up about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

For the second time, the boss lady confirmed that she split up with the Tanzanian singer following his cheating ways. According to Zari this is not ‘kiki’ as many have been trying to put it.

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Despite their breakup she however says that she will  continue supporting him in any way she can. This is because he is the father of her two youngest kids and she is not willing to see her babies see any hatred between her and him.

Zari’s Mr X

After breaking up with the singer, Zari has been revealing a few details about her Mr X. Well, on Valentine’s Day she received gifts from the guy who is also said to have given her an iPhone x.

This could mean that she has already moved on from her baby daddy or is planning on doing it now that she is single.





  1. U shldnt have splited lyk that, for the sake of ur children.that shows a bad image to the public en children as we’ll taking as a gold not supporting that break up. fan of zari.

  2. any way it has happened like that so let Zari also move on with her normal life

    • nop that isnt fair for chibu…………..marriage is always for better for worse…………chibu to be given second chance

  3. That’s my woman!!!! That’s what we call woman with no limit….. Move on Zari,sio lazima uishi na MTU haku appreciate!!!! Good job

  4. Sorry 4 the breakup,,, bt i wish u get back to the father of your kids.

    • Women like you are scare zari.Move on with your life than staying in a disrespectful marriage to please fans and hurt yourself..You happiness shouldn’t be jeopardized while he keeps himself funky with his dick that never sleeps.Haba!!! Diamond i never knew i will one day hate u this much.Eissh! A man without respect for women is just like poison

      • Very true , move away from this kind of man or stay stressed forever, and never look back unless you find yourself opening up your legs for diamond again

  5. I know its hard but life is full of temptation just sit down and solve the issue I know nasibu loves u so much and for the sake of your children its better you mend your relationship before its ruined completely watu wanatamani familia sana kuwa pamoja na mungu awabariki.

  6. Nobody knows the better or the worst part of it. Zari stand your ground that suits you better.Apparently life has to move on

  7. Pliz give him the last chance,if he won’t change his bad habit then you quit to his life,luv you ad yr family.ata mond hajawai kua Na dem mrembo kama wewe, Na hatawai pata ng,o Na sio chocha,ulivyo Na 5 kids hao ma dem hawana ata Na unakaa under 18.

  8. Well!!, its seems it was bond to happen though I don’t encourage the break up.

  9. Well!!, its seems it was bond to happen though am not fully in support of the break up

  10. I believe that a couple should live together and not far from each other for a marriage to be solid.Zari as much as you are looking for money,if you get back together consider staying close to your man.
    Life is short.

  11. That’s a really woman who goes for what she thinks it’s right…. Congratulations

  12. Zari Hassan ur a real woman,I thought mond was a real man but not the case..let him learn from his mistakes,he will now know hau valuable ur zari,u dont deserve such a man.

  13. Is Diamond Platnumz now favoring Kenyans? Check out his latest move - Ghafla!Kenya : February 19, 2018 at 6:04 pm

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  14. kbsa….. thats it!!!!! enough is enough ZARI

    stand like a man on legs!

  15. Zari, no one can blame you for the break up. You tried your best to make it work. You are a mature woman for moving on smoothly without hatred. I have always wished you the best coz for real you deserve the best. But if baba T comes back to his senses, give him a chance . I feel he is a good dad if and I repeat IF he could get out of the mess,

  16. Choice is something that you cannot live without.regrations will be seen in the future, u guys u could have considered your long way you have come from. How’si wish you could’ve broke up

  17. Zari will be dated at all time
    She looks swt16
    Good decision made
    But a chance given back.. Can change him “maybe”

  18. Abineri Mwanuke : February 19, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    For sure, I am afraid of your children’s later view over your relationship.
    I know Diamond is still a youth, he is trying to move apart youth’s challenges however he some times fail.

    My dear dada….. Zari the boss lady, try to seat together with diamond and solve your problem…. Do not let your child come to blame of you later.
    Separation is not a complete but common solution to such issue. I berg you, to come before diamond again and set up your new life plans.

    However it’s too hard but trust me, he is still your husband.


  19. Usimpoteze AKUPENDAE kwa ajili ya unae MTAMANI, kwani unae MTAMANI anamuwaza AMPENDAE, tambua kila UMUONAE anae AMPENDAE, na c kila UMPENDAE unaweza kuish nae, na hata ukiish nae anaweza kuwa ndiye akutendaye, kuwa makini na UNAOWAPENDA kwani MAPENZI c ki2 cha kuchezea unaweza ukajikuta unalia na unachokililia hakijulikani daima ucmlilie m2 ambaye ajui thaman ya choz lako kuwa makini……,,, by embu sikiliza wimbo wa passenger let her go don’t cry any more brother diamond by [email protected]

  20. Zipporah Gakunyi : February 19, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    God hates divorce. Try to avoid it as much as possible by all means!

  21. Advisors…… when did these two tie the knot?

  22. Diamond you are so inhuman you must criaz in or rather this shall bring to your down fall…i thought you are man but now mayb you prove as coz m taking u lk a boy,,respct man

  23. I don’t support that divorce because diamond is not the only man who cheats in sure are you that the man you’ll get will be faithful?it’s just all about talking to each other so that you can understand each other.divorce is not a solution to your problems. Face the problem and try different ways of solving it.

  24. Zari you are super woman but I don’t support this break up !! Just give him the last last chance for the sake of your kids… cause they need you both.

  25. You were too old for old for diamond and you are just beautiful outside buy your kuma is rot for exchanging husband’s, diamond is still young and she will marry the Queen of her lice,there are so many beautiful ladies outside there who are young and ready for marriage than you old bitch woman, to me you are an evil woman and k wish you could die with pains the way lvan died with pains l hat l wish you could settle down likeAkothee and wait for your sons to marry,you are the one who approached diamond in a plane and proposed a marriage and destroyed his relationship with wema,live diamond a lone because you are Hamizo mobetos mother agemat,if lvan could have rushed to marry like you,where could you be staying to me you are old stupid Fucking ass hole evil and a gold digger,

  26. Kwanzaboy msanii : February 20, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    mambo nikuongea na kuelewana,pia mapenzi yanahitaji uvumilivu #Zari ulivumilia?

  27. i view the % of Kenyans people which is few in number thus y the kenyan muzic is not known popularly bcoz of the fans not support wea negative/positive idea needed ,,if u don have sympathy on platinumz life en marriage, where do kenya muzic heading 2 ? stupid en confused elements to those who r happy with that break up` ,,,,,,well… no weapon 4md against diamond toka wasafi will prosper,,,,en even though zari did wot she saw get ur life on SIMBA, don fall apart we luv u en the entire family Watanashati Classic Baby WCB

  28. For the sake of your kids give him chance,hope he has lern from mistake

  29. Am also single & ready 2 accommodate u + ur kids Zari. Come baiby come… lets mingle..

  30. Fidel Paul Ouma : February 23, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Life is lake that, don t wrry

  31. Zari don’t worry bongo artists are hotcakes

  32. Kondeh Phessy : March 29, 2018 at 8:30 am

    Srry 4 dat break up mond bt remember game haianzi 3-0 u married zari wth 3 kidz & thts a mistake u made…

  33. JASON PARKER : April 9, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    TBH i dont approve, honesty mate i got shocked by the news. in my perspective i saw it as 1 big arse r’ship never imagined it could end up so easily. its not for any1 to take the blame they literally need to talk it out both as parents and lovers coz if they dont it’d affect their children negatively and that’s not good.
    Mode: disappointed

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