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Bruz Newton’s new jam ‘Identity’ is totally fire (Video)

July 31, 2019 at 19:18
Bruz Newton

Popular Kenyan singer cum choreographer Bruz Newton, who treated us to Bazokizo in 2016, is back with another jam that we absolutely love.

Dubbed Identity, the new song talks about discovering who you are and walking every step with Christ.

The song also teaches young men to respect themselves, especially when they are around girls because they are not sextoys.

Bruz Newton

Bruz Newton

I really love the song. I just wanted to listen to it over and over. The lyrics are simple and chances are you will master the whole song in a couple of minutes.

The chorus goes like, “Hmmmm, usikuwe mdumbdumb Hmmmm, usifwate vidumbdumb, hmmmm, usikuwe mdumbdumb wacha yesu akupige weh pamba x2.”

I loved the dance move as well.  I tried to learn it a couple of times before I eventually came to the realization that dancing is not for people like me.

The song was produced by Jack Jack on The Beat and he also did an impeccable job. The beat has a party vibe and it makes you want to dance as soon as the song comes on.

The video was directed by Mike Zero while the choreaography was directed by Mike Zero.

Watch Identity below and tell us what you think.




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