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Bun in the oven! Actress Selina spotted rocking huge baby bump (Photos)

October 14, 2021 at 13:20
Bun in the oven! Actress Selina spotted rocking huge baby bump (Photos)

Actress Selina aka Celestine Gichuhi is definitely pregnant! We have confirmed this through new screenshots showing her huge bump now that she is in her trimester; and oh boy – her face is also slowly starting to swell up – meaning she won’t hide the pregnancy for long.

Celestine Gichuhi pregnant

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The screenshots showing her bump were taken from a video shared on her page; but since she has been hiding the pregnancy – I bet Selina shared the clip without observing it closely.

Judging from how big the bump appears; chances are that the actress may be in the last weeks of 2nd trimester or is already in her 3rd trimester. If so, then it means the newborn will be here before end of year or early 2022!

Engaged to long term boyfriend

Selina’s pregnancy however comes just a few months after boyfriend, Phil Kimemia proposed to her.

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For those who don’t know Phil Kimemia; well, he was an Akorino gospel artist before dropping the turban. His career hasn’t however changed as he released yet another captivating song featuring Selina back in 2020.

Anyway, having bagged the woman of his dreams….I’m guessing the excitement went overboard hence pregnancy before marriage.

Below are the screenshots showing the grown baby bump.

Celestine Gichuhi’s baby bump showing

Ms Selina pregnant with first child

Pregnant Selina




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