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“Why can’t everyone just leave Oliech alone!” Carol Radul defends footballer

October 04, 2017 at 17:24
Carol Radull with Dennis Oliech

Carol Radul is annoyed with the stories that have been making rounds on social media as everyone (social media users and tabloids) has been trolling the footballer over a photo taken during the Koroga Festibval that went down this past weekend.

From the stories making rounds on social media many believe that Dennis Oliech is now broke hence his new look that shocked many.

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But those who know the footballer on a personal level believe that he is doing fine and the photo being used to take the photo was of low quality. Carol Radull who is among these friends defending Oliech recently shared a post through her gram asking people to leave the fella alone. She wrote,

Carol Radull with Dennis Oliech

Carol Radull with Dennis Oliech

Why can’t everyone just leave @oliechdennis alone! Here we are at a recent youth tournament in Kibera. He is fine and he is giving back. #Legend#KenyanHero #FootballKE #LoveFootball#FootballIsBae #JazaStadi

Well from her post you can tell that many still view the footballer as a legend who took the Kenyan football team a different level and for this reason people should learn to look at the positive side and not focus on something that would lower his self esteem as he is also human.





  1. kenyans will never leave u alone,get used to them

  2. It was so sad

  3. When u r a public figure people will talk about u

  4. That was so unfortunate,just let it pass

  5. Forgive them Oliech thy are just idle

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