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Captain Otoyo spills the beans on what killed Othuol Othuol (Video)

October 14, 2020 at 12:58
Captain Otoyo spills the beans on what killed Othuol Othuol (Video)

The truth behind Othuol Othuols sudden demise has come to light after fellow comedian Captain Otoyo walked fans through Othuol’s last days.

Speaking to Milele FM, Otoyo disclosed that Othuol’s long journey began roughly 2 years ago when he was diagnosed with TB and had to strictly take medication for a good 60 days.

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However, being an alcohol addict, Othuol reached a point where he turned to alcoholism, ditching his medication.

Othuol Othuol passes on

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The testament

This left Jalang’o, Sandra Dacha and Otoyo pissed off, warning Othuol that his life was at stake and only he could take care of it. So the three shopped for Othuol’s food and everything needed for his well-being and even raised funds for his medical expenses.

Comedian Othuol in hospital with Sandra Dacha

Unfortunately, as time went by, Othuol’s health greatly deteriorated with people having the assumption he had contracted HIV/AIDS.

What many did not know is, the deceased was not an employee at Churchill. Therefore did not earn a monthly salary, rather would only get paid for the shows he stages and that’s it. 

However, that did not mean Othuol would die on a hospital bed. Comedians in Kenya were open to help in any way.

Comedian Othuol in hospital

So whenever Othuol’s medical issues came up, they would all gladly raise funds to cater for his hospital bills. “We never neglected him,” affirmed Captain Otoyo.

Eventually, his health condition worsened, occasionally suffering serious migraines and was therefore rushed to KNH for an MRI and diagnosed with brain tumor. Othuol was attended to and once his condition had stabilized, allowed to return home.

Comedian Othuol (left) at KNH

He had been booked to return to hospital on a later date, as comedians continued to raise funds for his brain surgery.

Othuols last days

So on the due date, Othuol was rushed to KNH only to find doctors on strike. Forcing them to rush him to a local hospital at Athi River, next to his residence. But the medical staff did not have the resources.

Othuol had to wait for doctors at KNH to resume duty, where he was rushed to, but unfortunately, never even made it to surgery.

Sandra Dacha mourns the late Othuol Othuol

What pains Otoyo most, is how the public is quick to blame comedians and close friends for allegedly neglecting the ailing man when they were actually there for him.

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