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Carol Sonie gifts boyfriend, Mulamwah with gift worth Ksh 120,000

June 04, 2021 at 07:46
Carol Sonie gifts boyfriend, Mulamwah with gift worth Ksh 120,000

Carol Sonie who is popularly known for being Mulamwah’s girlfriend has represented the girl child by surprise her man with a gift worth around Ksh 120,000.

Mulamwah reunites with girlfriend

Yes, the pregnant petite comedian gifted her soon to be baby daddy with an iPhone 12 pro Max; and judging from the post shared by Mulamwah – let’s just say boy child was caught unawares and couldn’t contain his excitement.

Mulamwah through his IG page went on to flaunt the new phone stating that this time around; he would make use of all mirrors around – since he has a phone that can take good selfies. He wrote;

Thanks @Carrol_Sonie for this birthday gift. Sasa na 12 pro max sitoki Kwa kioo🤣🤣🤣🤣ulisave miaka ngapi? 🤔


Mulamwah smitten by girlfriend

This is however not the first time Mulamwah is praising his girlfriend for pulling a special surprise on him; and for some reason – their love appears quite different from the other celebrity couples!

These two are known for publicizing almost every detail about their relationship on social media; and this is how we learnt about the their breakup in 2020 before their reunion in 2021 – and now they have a child on the way.

Anyway, since rumor has it that Sonie is the one who walked out on Mulamwah; guess who calls the shots?




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