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“Cartels are running the music industry in Kenya!” An angry Willy Paul opens up

October 07, 2019 at 09:45
“Cartels are running the music industry in Kenya!” An angry Willy Paul opens up

Ever wondered where some of our artists get money from to shoot their videos or why they release songs back to back?

Well, Willy Paul has come to share unknown details about the music industry that has left many talking. The former gospel singer apparently claims that the Kenyan music industry is being run by cartels in the country.

Willy Paul ranting

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Apparently these so called Cartels are in charge of what songs should hit and decide which events one should or should not attend. In a detailed post shared on Willy Paul’s page he wrote saying;

too much love F****K all the cartels in this f****kn industry.
f***k all the industry cartels, look at all the love in this video!! ever wondered why some of ur favourite artists are not in some events that’s you’d expect them to be in? it’s because in Kenya if dont dance to a cartel’s tune then you are an enemy. if you act like you know ur worth ur an enemy, if you keep ur brand high ur an enemy, if you release hits ur an enemy, if you they call you for a deal and you dont give them a cut you are an enemy, and they’ll end up giving that space to someone who doesn’t deserve it.. this is so sad.. yaani it’s about who knows who!!! what’s happening to our industry??? let’s mention names.. this has to stop!! if we dont fight now, the next generation and our kids are gonna suffer very badly!!!!

Willy paul’s post

Here to stay

Well, Willy Paul goes on to say that he will not be controlled by anyone since he gets all the support and love he needs from his fans.

Unlike those artists who depend on the cartels to make money, Pozze has proven to be one independent artist!





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