Catherine Kamau responds after blogger accuses her of trapping her new man

December 07, 2017 at 16:01
Catherine Kamau weds Phil Karanja

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi seems to be on a roll. Lately all he has been attacking single mothers in the name of speaking for the boy child.

So far he has called out a number of celebrities who he publicly insults without filtering his words. His lates victim however happens to be actress Catherine Kamau who he says trapped Phil Karanja into being a father figure to her son.

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According to Nyakundi, Catherine Kamau is using the young man to raise a boy he did not father.

Catherine Kamau hits back

However, Catherine Kamau is hearing none of this! She has finally responded to Cyprian Nyakundi’s post. Catherine Kamau goes ahead to warn women from being with scrubs (men with no money or jobs). She wrote saying;


  1. She won’t like the trouble Nyakundi will start,just wait and see

  2. She doesn’t know who Nyakundi is….this will go down badly

  3. This is somehow true but its non of my business

  4. Hehehe Nyakundi has started war people will be bruised for months,following closely

  5. Trap Queen is just the one…am waiting for Phil’s child

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