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Celebrity stylist, Look Master claims Timmy T Dat´s dress code is Whack!

May 24, 2019 at 14:04
Celebrity stylist, Look Master claims Timmy T Dat´s dress code is Whack!

Celebrity stylist, Look Master has come out to criticize Timmy T Dat and Femi One as he commends Khaligraph Jones, Nadia Mukami and Fena Gitu for their taste in dressing.

First, he articulated that before you dress up, accessories should be given priority.

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Accessories provide the detail and speak out about you before your dressing comes to light.

For the gents, your watch, ring and chain carry the day while for the ladies, earrings, the right makeup, watches and handbags would do.

Well, Look Master had two options, the ladies and gents in the music industry, to pick on.


Speaking exclusively to Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the designer had this to say about Timmy T Dat:

It´s okay, anakuaga na vitu kali but hajui kuzipiga.

Ana vitu kali but hajui kuzivaa.

Unapata mjamaa amevaa sweat pants juu chini.

Look Master gets specific on Timmy´s sweats that just fail him especially with the accessories that mess it all up:

Sweat pants hauwezi vaa na official shoe.

Lakini unapata huyu msee, anazingua kwa hiyo pande.

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Guess what?

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However, the designer clarifies that this is not personal because him and Timmy are buddies and respects him:

Huyo ni ndugu yangu, namheshimu, ana talent, but, kwa kuvaa, inamtatiza sana.

Anavaa sweat pants juu alafu chini anavaa timber, haiwezi.

Anavaa suti na timber pia, ah! Hiyo haiwezi.

However, Look Master had his pick for best dressed male artist who was none other than Khaligraph:

Aaah ule OG ule, ule Omollo ule, ule Mjaluo ule, Khaligraph anapiga mpaka unakubali.

Kutoka chini adi juu.

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Blessed Sunday Fam #respecttheogs #mrinternational

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The ladies

Well, for fair balance in the field of gender, Look Master had to pick his hit and miss in the female industry:

Nadia Mukami mshikaji wangu.

Ameingia kwa hii industry juzi lakini amejitahidi poa, anavaa vizuri.

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Fast-rising petite songstress, Nadia carried the day and so did ´lesbian-rumored´ Fena Gitu:

Fena Gitu nimefanya job na yeye, anajua kuvaa pia.

Yeye anatokea vizuri, anajua kupiga style, swag pia anajua kupiga sana.

Anapendeza yule mama.


However, he picked his female fashion miss as fiery rapper, Femi One:

Fena Gitu ndio nasema, si Femi One.

Femi One unajua ye huzingua, hajui kuvaa vile.

That´s his pick!




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