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Challenge! Diamond forced to level up to King Bae´s standards

August 14, 2019 at 08:41
Challenge! Diamond forced to level up to King Bae´s standards

Zari speaks class, taste and elegance whether in her clad, the machines she drives or the men she falls in love with.

Her hubby, Mr M is by no lie up to her standards and probably beyond it. A blend of a politician and an engineer in one person already gives you a rough idea of his amassed wealth.

Well, Diamond now seems to have been commissioned to match up the same if not better. First let´s figure out how he can match up the figures.

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While out in the United States for his ´One Africa Festival´, Diamond Platnumz spent some pretty good time purchasing high-end stuff as well.


First is the jewellery he bought, whose worth is more than Ksh 2 Million as a single purchase.

Through his Insta pages, he kept fans on this other end up-to-date right from his killer performances to his exotic taste in fashion.

To flaunt his affluence, he shares a clip of himself counting some hefty notes ahead of his luxurious purchases. One being a diamond ring purchase.

In the video, Chibu can be heard saying:

Diamonds, that’s my name that is why I’m doing this.

Rolls Royce and Private Jet

Further on, he is not giving up on his dreams to own a Super Maserati Rolls Royce and a private jet, just like Zari Hassan´s hubby.

Seems he got shivers the minute he realized that King Bae was not here to fool around with his ex, Zari but he meant business!

The ´Tetema´ hitmaker has promised to have a Rolls Royce and a private jet ahead of his 30th birthday that is just around the corner.

He actually turns 30 on the 2nd of October 2019.

Well, being in the US presents him the best opportunity to make his dreams come true. While out there, he comes across a Rolls Royce and takes snaps of it whilst just in front of it.

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After all, he calls himself ¨the Rolls Royce musician from Africa¨, then why not have it as part of his fleet?

However, ought he be reminded that he needs to take his enormous purchases slow before he starts auctioning what he currently owns.

Zari´s sister, Asha, mocks him, laughing at the singer´s move reminding him that even the house he sleeps in is a rental, therefore dreams of a private jet are just out of this world.

Just the house he is staying in is rented and he is talking about buying a plane this (…..) right here ayii

In memory of the Great Gatsby that saw him gift Tanasha a Prado, a fan airs:

There is no way my man can buy me a Toyota and he buys himself a Rolls and a chopper unless when he doesn’t love me, but he is just trying to use me to hurt his ex,

King Bae

Zari´s hubby reportedly owns a fleet of guzzlers that tend to cause jam in his own compound. The likes of a Maserati Rolls Royce and a Ferrari that we often see Zari and TIffah posing with.

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