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Check out the car Size 8 and DJ Mo’s daughter rolls around in 

November 08, 2017 at 11:31
Check out the car Size 8 and DJ Mo's daughter rolls around in 

Size 8 and DJ Mo seem to be ‘spoiling’ their daughter with the best gifts in the world. Apart from the many toys the  year owns, Ladashabelle recently shared a new photo flaunting her car.

So far we have seen celebrity dads spoil their little girls. And DJ Mo is no exception as he bought his daughter a toy replicas of a Mercedes Benz.

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The celebrity couple took to Instagram a few days ago to show off their daughter’s gift. They however did not put a caption on the photo but judging from their daughter’s smile – let us say this was enough!

Celebrity babies

Last year we saw LadashaBelle make money through a diaper’s advertisement and during her second her parents revealed that she paid for all the expenses.

Ladashabelle and DJ Creme’s son Jamari are among the most popular kids in Kenya and despite their age, they help bring in money thanks to their parents celebrity status.




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