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Check out King Kaka’s wife parade her huge bare baby bump

November 03, 2017 at 16:01
Check out King Kaka's wife parade her huge bare baby bump

King Kaka and his wife,Nana Owiti were recently blessed with a baby boy who they have been keeping off their social media pages for reasons best known to them.

King Kaka's son, Prince Iroma

King Kaka’s son, Prince Iroma

However before announcing the birth of their boy, the couple choose to keep the news about their second born on the low until a month ago when Nana gave birth.

Unlike before – this time around the rapper’s wife  opted not to share photos of her baby bump but now that the baby is here, she has been uploading photos from her achieves to show fans how her journey was.

On her latest photo, she revealed that she had been hitting the gym until a few days to welcoming her baby. Nana also happened to share a never before seen photo flaunting her bare bump which looked like it would pop anytime!

Anyway below is the photo of the rapper’s wife glowing a few days before welcoming her baby.

King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owino





  1. This culture must end now

  2. If it makes her happy ok

  3. What’s this obsession with tummy pics

  4. Am speechless

  5. Good for her

  6. It’s showing evidence of being facked hard

  7. Blessing nazo Kaka game yako swafi

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