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Check out the huge mansion Zari Hassan owns back home in her motherland

December 30, 2019 at 09:31
Check out the huge mansion Zari Hassan owns back home in her motherland

Zari is indeed the boss lady when it comes to showing off her expensive cars and huge mansions just as a reminder to all those who keep assuming that Diamond Platnumz was the one paying for her expensive lifestyle!

Zari with her late ex husband

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After spending Christmas in South Africa, the mother of 5 decided to fly into her home country where she has been staying with her kids for the past few days.

Zari’s mansion in Uganda

What many didn’t know is that late husband Ivan Don did not leave her empty handed before his death.

Well, rumor has it that the late Ivan left Zari one of his fancy mansions in Uganda where she can be staying with her children whenever they are in town.

Though getting the full rights (title deed) took a while due to family issues – it now appears that the lady won the case against her late husband’s family and is now the rightful owner of one of the houses owned by the late Don.

Zari shows off her cars including the Late Ivan Don’s hammer

Zari shows off her home

Through her Instagram page Zari Hassan did not leave any room for haters who once laughed off after being evicted from Diamond Platnumz mansion in South Africa.

The mother of 5 went on to show off her mansion not forgetting to also parade the parking area which had several cars that could have also been left in her care.

Anyway, judging from how the mansion looks – we can all agree that Zari is doing just fine…right?





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