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Check out the striking resemblance between Starehe MP Jaguar and Hamisa Mobetto’s son

November 10, 2017 at 12:53
Check out the striking resemblance between Starehe MP Jaguar and Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Kenyans on social media have now turned to Starehe MP Jaguar as they compare him with Hamisa Mobetto’s son. This comes a few days after the Tanzanian video vixen shared a new photo of her son at 3 months.

Hamisa Mobetto’s son compared to Jaguar

Keen observers on social media could however not stop comparing Jaguar and Prince Abdul who apparently look alike especially around the mouth area.

The comparison post was shared by one lady who identifies herself as Leah. According to her Hamisa should carry out a DNA post to let fans know who the father of the boy is.

Leah's post

Leah’s post

However, Diamond Platnumz already admitted to have fathered the child clearing any rumors making rounds on social media. Prince Abdul Naseeb may look like Jaguar, but truth be told is that these two are not related in any way.

Prince Abdul and Diamond Platnumz other kids

Though Diamond Platnumz rarely spends time with Prince Abdul like her does with Tiffah and Nillan, Hamisa Mobetto has made it her number one priority to give her son all the love he needs.

Jaguar’s kids

The Starehe MP cum singer has so far revealed that he has three children and judging from how responsible he looks, I bet he would let the world know if he had another child.

Left: Jaguar’s son Right: Hamisa Mobetto’s son





  1. I see what you did there guys

  2. Wololo Jaguar vukad the border or is it jst a coincidence

  3. This is a new twist

  4. Its becoming hard to trust ladies nowadays

  5. Kwani mhesh alipanda mbegu pia?

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