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Checkout Jaguar’s lavish house and huge compound located in Nairobi’s finest suburbs!

May 29, 2017 at 09:00
Checkout Jaguar's lavish house and huge compound located in Nairobi's finest suburbs!

His wealth did not come overnight but through hard work and dedication.

For those who know Jaguar probably understand that he is among the richest artists we have come to know in this generation. He is not only a singer but a businessman who is currently venturing into politics and from the look of things, he is doing pretty well.

However, Jaguar remains a very secretive person who prefers to keep his private life off social media. This includes his family, houses and businesses…but luckily, I managed to run into a few photos of his Bungalow which is said to be situated in one of the finest suburbs in Nairobi.

Judging from the photos, Jaguar’s house looks pretty simple but from how he carries himself he probably used a lot of money to build this fine house that has left his online family talking. The house also happens to have a huge compound which allows him to park his fancy cars whenever he is at this specific house (yes he happens to own a couple of homes). Anyway checkout the photos below:






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