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Checkout Willy Paul’s shoes worth Ksh.14,000

September 22, 2017 at 13:30
Willy Paul

Willy Paul is not only a gospel singer but a fashion trend setter judging from how he dresses. Unlike most celebrities I like to believe that he prefers shopping at thrift shops (mtumba) giving him a unique look unlike the likes of Bahati and many others.

Though his outfits may cost about ksh 2000 and above, I have every reason to believe that sometimes he gets out of his comfort zone to purchase classy things like the shoes I recently saw on his gram.

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Well, the singer stepped out wearing Jordan trunner that are estimated to cost around  11k to 14k putting him on the list of local celebrities who are known to ball when it comes to their shoes.

Jordan Trunner price

Though one cannot be too sure as to whether he bought the shoes from local stores in the country or when he was away in the United States – all we know is that his sense of style is at the top.

Willy Paul’s Jordan Trunner





  1. Hizi downtown ni kitu 2k

  2. I doubt it, but they are nice

  3. They are good kicks my jigi jigi

  4. Poa but i have a problem with u willy mbona huimbi gospel songs anymore ni maluv tu

  5. Yaani anakanyaga rent yangu life is so unfair

  6. dude your to much gezz …eaz up on the show off…your ment to inspire…not degrade…gezz

  7. Oya kiatu ya 14k kwany iko na shoe laces zinajitie… Iko pesa mniga!

  8. Ok’s fruits of ur hard work.kudos as I recall ur first gospel hit rabuka and where ur now.kudos bt luv to mind those r in need of ur help.for it was given to u free so u should give free.

  9. NYC willy pozze

  10. Nyc 1 willy

  11. A pride comes after a fall

  12. Aaaih ukivaa zinacheka au kulia

  13. It’s actually on the cheap side, expensive bay that is|desc

  14. Pigia @NovConquer hii ni thao mbili of course ni knockoff.

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