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Chimano parades his huge bulge in white pants leaving many ladies thirsty (Photo)

August 28, 2020 at 11:42
Chimano parades his huge bulge in white pants leaving many ladies thirsty (Photo)

Sauti Sol’s Chimano is a sweetheart to many and now that his sexuality is no longer a topic of discussion; the young man continues to keep us entertained on social media.

So far it is no secret that he is also a fashion killer always blessing fans with nothing but fine looks on IG. His latest photo where he stepped out in white pants – paired with a silk like print shirt has left many ladies wishing they could have a piece of him!

This is after a few female fans noticed that the fella is ‘loaded’ in terms of the huge bulge protruding from his crouch!

Well, looking at the photo, it’s obvious to see that indeed Chimano is a true Luhya – but unfortunately for the ladies; the Sauti Sol singer already has a boyfriend!

Chimano showing off drip

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Thirsty fans

Apart from making his huge bulge a topic of discussion, a few female fans couldn’t help but show thirsty they could get!

Trust, with Nairobi ladies probably Chimano’s boyfriend should claim his man – because these streets are not so safe!

Sauti Sol’s Chimano leaving the ladies thirsty

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Looking at the photo above it’s also obvious to see that Chimano knows how to keep a crowd talking; and the fact that he can slay better than most fashion queens out here – means there is no stopping him!

Anyway at least now that his well kept secret is no longer an issue; the young man can continue entertaining us since we already love the person he has since become!

Chimano attracting thirsty comments

Thirsty comments on Chimano’s post


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