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Chipukeezy reveals why Ringtone hasn’t gone to rehab yet 

April 17, 2019 at 08:19
Chipukeezy reveals why Ringtone hasn't gone to rehab yet 

Comedian Chipukeezy and Ringtone recently left the internet following their moves closely after revealing that singer Ringtone will check into a rehab.

Though they didn’t share exactly why, Chipukeezy hinted that Ringtone, who has been loud and controversial on social media of late, is suffering from depression.

Ringtone has been posting a lot of things online especially of him calling out Willy Paul and guys have been wondering whether he’s okay.

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Almost two weeks later, the singer has not been in a rehab and according to the NACADA’s boss, it seems the singer was just joking when he suggested it.

“Ringtone is Ringtone. I think he is just joking. Art is diverse. HE HAS that one element of being stubborn. He might have a message he is trying to pass but he is doing it wrongly. let him be. maybe we need to sit down and ask what is he trying to tell us in gospel? he has a point regardless of being ratchet so let’s not just attack him. when you to go to the rehab I am the NACADA.” said the comedian. 




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