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Chris Kaiga and Kahush have revolutionized Kenyan music

July 28, 2020 at 12:28
Chris Kaiga

By now, I  am sure you’ve heard the new track by Chris Kaiga and Kahush titled Mastingo. It was released a few days ago and the world as we know it literally came to a standstill. I’m not exaggerating.

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These two fast-rising musicians have proven that they have what it takes to revolutionize Kenyan music since they opted for a different style of music, rather than doing Gengetone as most people would expect, and it is working for them.


For starters, Chris Kaiga is such a talented musician. He needs no introduction. While his peers were popularizing the Gengetone sound, he opted for something he refers to as Debe and he has been acing it.

His style is very unique and that is what sets him apart. To add to that, Kaiga has a smooth flow and the ability to make random words rhyme. If you start listening to him you will find it so hard to stop.

On the other hand, Kahush – who is Health CS Mutahi Kagwe’s son – is also amazing. As you listen to him, one of the things that stand out is his vocal arrangement. Maybe it’s just me but his style has an element of trap, only that it has been Kenyanized.

Chris Kaiga and Kahush

Now imagine these two coming together on a track. It’s no surprise that Mastingo has crossed the 250,000 mark 4 days after it was released. This track is something else ladies and gentlemen.

If you ask me, this is the direction that upcoming musicians should take now that Gengetone has become a thing of the past. The music is clean and, other than that it has a party vibe.

I’ve seen people comparing Chris Kaiga and Kahush to Camp Mulla and although the styles are similar theirs is more relatable because they sing in Swahili.

Watch Mastingo below and tell us what you think.




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