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Ciru Muriuki Speaks On How Ladies Suffer In Campus Entanglements

March 30, 2021 at 09:45
Ciru Muriuki Speaks On How Ladies Suffer In Campus Entanglements

Most people tend to fall in love during their youthful stage. While in campus, some couples even decide to move in together to cut the cost of living and also enjoy intimacy. Such relationships are not peculiar to anyone who has been in the University and are popularly known as ‘come we stay’.

Ciru Muriuki’s Perspective

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But who suffers the most in such relationships? The man or the woman? As media personality Ciru Muriuki reveals, ladies are normally the ones who end up losing in such entanglements. She says that their boyfriends tend to leave them in the house to do chores while they go to school. In an interview with Dr. King’ori, Ciru shunned this kind of love saying;

”If you’re in campus and you’re in the same class with your girlfriend, and you feel very comfortable watching this girl skip class to do your chores, there’s something wrong. If you truly care about this person, you’d care for them to get your education the same way you’re there to get your education.

Kama unaacha dem kwa room and you guys are in the same class na wewe unapita campus, her she’s failing because she was washing your clothes, is that love?”

Ladies who stick in such toxic relationships should just walk out. I bet they also have a choice.




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