Citizen TV host Kambua in mourning

April 17, 2019 at 07:37
Citizen TV host Kambua in mourning

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Citizen TV Rauka host has lost her grandmother.

Kambua, who was recently appointed the host of the show, took to social media to share a post indicating that her grandmother passed on. Her grandma’s death came a few days after Kambua’s father’s death anniversary.

“People I love seem to find their angel wings in April. Koma nesa sûsû wakwa (Sleep well, grandma). 15.04.2019,” Kambua tweeted.

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Her father, Professor Manundu, died on 9th April 2014 after battling Illness for a long time. Kambua has always mourned her ever since.

“No one will ever understand the gap you left in my life. I see bits and pieces of you in our family. Mummy is such a strong woman. You really got heaven’s best. Babu and Ndzomo, I would never trade for anything and their babies are a replica of the man you were,” she remebered her dad this year in a post. 



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