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Citizen TV’s Joey Muthengi and her brother Holy Dave step out to defend Kambua

January 05, 2018 at 08:04
Citizen TV's Joey Muthengi and her brother Holy Dave step out to defend Kambua

Kambua vexed revelers and viewers over her bad behavior at end year party in Nakuru. Celebrity siblings Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave have since defended Kambua.

Kambua sparked uproar when she decided to act like a drama queen at Vuka Mwaka Party at Afraha Stadium. The Citizen TV presenter ‘bullied’ other hosts and this didn’t augur well with revelers and viewers.

She apologized for her behavior but most people thought she was not sincere. Critics kept on trolling Kambua even after she ate the humble pie.

Double support

Joey Muthengi and her brother Holy Dave have stepped forth to defend Kambua. The celebrity siblings emphasize that Kambua didn’t do anything wrong.

“So much has been said in the last few days but we know you, we know your heart, and we stand by you. That you apologised even when you were not on the wrong is testament to the phenomenal woman you are. We love you Kambua,” Joey Muthengi tweeted.

Kambua and Holy Dave

“We grew up together (Parklands Baptist), joined the Gospel Music Industry together and now we’re hosting Bambika together. ?‍♂️ Your passion and love for uplifting others will go down in history books! Today I appreciate you. Keep shinning K. Much love ?,” wrote Holy Dave on IG.







  1. Maria Kasungu : January 5, 2018 at 11:05 am

    The two are just boring by the way,moving on swiftly…what Kambua did was childish and wrong,shame!

  2. I watched Joey last friday..she was just there!nothing to be excited about

  3. The fact she deleted the apology says alot…..she will resist her!

  4. Trouble is already storming,we know her character now

  5. These two should just keep off,their is no saving this….we were mad,we are still mad

    • Mad over what?muache ujinga…….why cant kenyans just mind there own fucking business

      • Walai watu waache kiherehere

      • Aha! kambua is a human being just like any other. If you have never wronged anyone,be the first one to throw the damn stone!!

        What is all these crap about. Cant u just let her be..?you bunch of cheap hypocrites!! Im a Nakuru native n it was never intended to come out nastly as how u brood of “vipered” pharisees wld luv to emphasise! She even apologised!whether deleted or otherwise u angelic judges..

        Kambua we love and cherish you..ignore them haters from the woods n go ahead n fulfill ur purpose. play deaf and blind to the negative vibe.

        Much luv Faith @ Imany K!!

  6. Haha kenye an epitum of controversy

  7. Is she an angel? anyone who is perfect cast a stone,kenyans pretend to be angels,and they do very ridiculous things behind the scene…kambua be yourself period!

  8. Kambua we love you, keep spreading the Gospel.

  9. Timothy Githongo. : January 6, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    It doesn’t matter what kambua did. What matters is that she took the step and apologised. That’s all that matters. I respect you Kambua.

  10. Reuben Prince : January 6, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    Everybody makes mistakes though as i hear she did something wrong at the stage but according to me is that this thing should come to an end due the bible says about forgiveness we forgive and forget plus if we keep this hatred towards kambua actually we are destroying the Gospel ministry by ourselves our own hands and also plus our own mouth i think this thing should sieze and we move on this two people who caused all this mature up and act as mature people and kambua act as someone who is mature spiritually not a kid

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