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City tycoon linked to Tanasha Donna, responds

April 01, 2020 at 13:01
City tycoon linked to Tanasha Donna, responds

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Early in the week, Tanasha Donna flaunted her soon-to-be home and for many, she was dating property tycoon, Mwenda Thuranira who now responds.

With a swanky mansion in the suburbs of Nairobi’s high-end estates, Tanasha Donna announced she will be moving into her newly acquired house in a few days.

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Big things are happening in my life, I just got a house and I am moving in next week. I am so grateful to God for what he’s doing in my life. Great things are coming my way and next week you’ll see what I am talking about.

Tanasha’s new home

However, many linked city magnate, Mwenda Thuranira to the luxurious purchase, alleged to be the model’s sponsor.

Diamond’s Kenyan baby mama acquired the house through MySpace Properties which is owned by the 39-year old CEO.

The real estate agent indicated that the house is prime property, going for some good Ksh 60 million.

Tanasha Donna with Mr Thuranira

He however did not specify whether Tanasha bought the house or not.

While checking out the new house, Tanasha was spotted together with Mr Thuranira, something that fueled the speculations further.

Tanasha Donna with Mr Thuranira

The city tycoon was forced to respond to the claims of purportedly hooking up with the mother of one.

To curb the rumors from spreading any further, Mr Thuranira shared photos posing with his wife.

Mr Thuranira with his wife

Mwenda Thuranira additionally describes himself as a:

Husband, father, mentor.

Critics have however not taken the move lightly.

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