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Co-operative Bank opens festive season for their clients by scrapping charges on bank balance inquiry

December 02, 2019 at 19:14
Co-operative Bank opens festive season for their clients by scrapping charges on bank balance inquiry

It’s the little things in life that make a difference.

It’s a very fragile axis that a good day swings on. The little things around us.  A baby’s toothless smile on the matatu’s ride to work. A random complement on a new hairstyle by a good-natured colleague at work. A cheery emoji on a social media post. A particularly funny meme that reminds you of some old, cranky relative. It’s simple, really.

On the other hand, a bad day doesn’t need much coaxing to turn up. Your landlord may wake up on the wrong side of bed and decide an impromptu rent hike. The long-suffering Japanese jalopy decides to give up the ghost without warning – you got to work late. The boss doesn’t understand how that relates to punctuality at work.

Co-operative Bank, however, understands the challenges her clients meet on a daily basis, and continuously strives to improve and sanitize packages to give a better, home-based banking experience.

Do you know Co-Operative Bank no longer charges a dime to check your bank balance?

This is particularly welcome news to a large cadre of business owners who take payment for goods and service through their Co-op Bank accounts. No matter how many times they have to check their balance for proof of payments, it’s all free.

Any news that softens the grip on the budget line is good news. Any coin saved readily plugs some hole in the budget. Towards the rent, and ultimately to more savings – perhaps, in a few years, you can save up and get your own digs. Best case scenario, you can be a landlord, too. And, certainly a better one.

It’s a welcome, progressive step towards a hassle-free banking experience.





  1. Sospeter muriithi Richard : December 9, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    Sample this. My daughter and several colleagues students are recently given a swedish kroner 10000 grant each for specific educational project.
    A student banking with stanchart receives 100k
    One with cba loop receives 98k
    Family bank gets 103k. My daughter banking with co-op receives a paltry 79k. I regret introducing her to coop, and I feel shotrchanged ,being an ardent coop customer too.

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