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Comedian Njoro’s father finally laid to rest (Photos)

January 12, 2021 at 10:03
Comedian Njoro’s father finally laid to rest (Photos)

Comedian Njoro and family finally got to give their late father his final send off this past weekend; and thanks to Njoro we have a few photos and clips from the teary event.

According to Njoro the comedian, he says his father succumbed to stomach cancer that had reduced him to almost nothing; and the fact that the cancer had been discovered late, all they could do is pray for God to reduce his suffering.

Njoro’s late father

However about a week ago Mzee Njoro finally rested and was laid to rest this past weekend. Judging from the photos shared online, it’s evident to see that this was one heavy blow for the comedian and his family; however it’s easier now that their father’s suffering came to an end.

Funeral service

Since this was a family affair, only close friends and relatives were allowed to attend the funeral service.

A few of Njoros friends i.e MC Jessy, MC Tricky, Butita and his wife Mammito availed themselves for the burial; as a way to show their support to Njoros family.

Below are just a few photos from the funeral service held back at the comedian’s village.




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