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Comedian Njugush leaves many in laughter after sharing a throwback photo of his brother photographed asleep while standing

November 02, 2017 at 08:42

Comedian Njugush is quite a character. He is among the hilarious men we have come across the entertainment industry and if you ask me, he never runs out of jokes!

A few hours ago the fella decided to share a never before seen photo with his siblings on his social media pages where he ended up leaving most of his fans gasping for air after giving them a good laugh.

Looking at the photo it is easy to spot Njugush since his looks have never changed nor his physic. His sister on the right hand however remains a mystery to his fans since he has never introduced her to them but his brother by the name of Ngugi Ndegwah has been receiving some serious trolls after his older brother shared their throwback photo where he was caught unawares, sleeping while standing.

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Njugush who fueled the trolls through his caption wrote saying:

Good looks since 1961 naniii .Go argue in groups mniletee your findings na msiweke headings in your work hii picha iko na heading moja kubwa for all………Ignore my bro yeye hupenda kulala (@ngugi_ndegwah_lepoete )lool

Anyway below is the throwback photo and some few photos of Njugush’s younger brother

Njugush with his siblings

Njugush with his siblings

Njugush’s brother

Njugush's brother

Njugush’s brother





  1. This is a TBT indeed

  2. I was also like this

  3. Hii ni kali

  4. This is crazy

  5. Hehehehe

  6. Njeri should come in the pic aswell

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