Are Comedians Mammito and Eddie Butita in a romantic relationship? (Photo)

January 12, 2018 at 15:11
Are Comedians Mammito and Eddie Butita in a romantic relationship? (Photo)

Mammito has once again left many guessing whether she is involved with fellow comedian Eddie Butita.

A while back several tabloids revealed that the two had been secretly dating for about a year. The rumors went on to add that they even moved in together and were now living somewhere in Pangani.

However, they both maintained silence and did not confirm nor deny the stories. Well, it now seems that we are back to the same topic.

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On Tuesday the lady shared her bae’s picture where she celebrated him as her MCM. Mammito wrote,

Disables her comments

However unlike most of her photos, the comedian disabled the comment section blocking fans from sharing their opinions.

If I am not wrong, this was just another strategy to indirectly announce their relationship. Anyway they both make a lovely couple and should probably make it official now!


  1. Let them love each other openly

  2. Its 2018 there is no need to hide

  3. They could be or they are trying to fool people

  4. Hehehe we need more details

  5. They should be an item,what is love

  6. let them do what they want but you cant hide it.tutajua tu

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