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Comedienne Nasra Yusuf Breaks Up With Her Husband After 7 Months Of Marriage

November 20, 2021 at 17:37
Comedienne Nasra Yusuf Breaks Up With Her Husband After 7 Months Of Marriage

Talented stand-up comedienne Nasra Yusuf and her long term partner Rashid, now ex-husband, have gone their separate ways after a marriage that lasted only 7 months.

The jester got married to Rashid in 25th April this year, after dating for three years. Together, they had what seemed to be a perennial bond but has been broken. They had already started a show together dubbed ‘love wins’.

End Of A Love Story

Writing on her Instagram, Nasra disclosed that she’s already planning to file for a divorce; and that she’s adjusting to single life;

”Dear #Nasrashid fans,I’m sorry to disappoint y’all but Rashid and I are  nolonger together 💔it’s been an exciting yet challenging journey and we both feel like we deserve better..I’ll be filing for my divorce soon because of irreconcilable issues and I’m already adjusting to being single…I take this time to appreciate the support you’ve shown us..asanteni sana..”

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Nasra and Rashid-Google

Nasra continued to admonish her fans not to give up on love and that their show would still continue despite the break -up;

”…and please don’t give up on love because of one bad ending ❤💙
I will however, still go ahead with my “love wins comedy special” show because it is a project that I have worked so hard for and really passionate about and I can’t let it go just because we’re not together..I will be doing it SOLO,because I can, I will and I get your tickets at *229*69# and come have a good time ❤

From the comment section, it’s needless to say that not everyone believes Nasra’s statement. Maybe this is yet another kiki stunt-which we’re getting used to from some celebrities.




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